Carnielli and Marcos (2001)

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Carnielli, Walter and Marcos, Joano. (2001) Ex Contradictione Non Sequitur Quodlibet. Bulletin of Advanced Reasoning and Knowledge 1, 89-109.

Title Ex Contradictione Non Sequitur Quodlibet
Resource Type journal article
Author(s) Walter Carnielli, Joano Marcos
Year 2001
Journal Bulletin of Advanced Reasoning and Knowledge
Volume 1
Pages 89-109


We summarize here the main arguments, basic research lines, and results on the foundations of the logics of formal inconsistency. These involve, in particular, some classes of well-known paraconsistent systems. We also present their semantical interpretations by way of possible-translations semantics and their applications to human reasoning and machine reasoning.1


Paul Patton (100.0%)