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Use of Italics and bold faced type

When an important new concept or new term is introduced for the first time in an article, it should be placed in bold faced type. For example: Descartes' methodological skepticism was based on reason and on the capacity to doubt. Words or phrases may be placed in italics for emphasis. For example: The term scientonomy refers to the science of science. Titles of books should also be italicized. For example: Thomas Kuhn wrote The Structure of Scientific Revolutions.

Use of subheadings

The major headings for an article are pre-specified according to the type of article you are writing. To break a section into subheadings To add a subheading, enclose your subheading in three levels of equal signs:

=== Newton on Mathematics and Natural Philosophy ===

If you need deeper levels of subheadings, add another set of equals signs for each new level of subheadings.

==== Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation ====

===== What Newton wrote on page 23 of ''The Principia'' =====