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Accept the definition of norm employment.

The modification was suggested to Scientonomy community by Hakob Barseghyan on 8 October 2018.1 This modification presupposes the acceptance of Sciento-2018-0006. The modification is currently being evaluated; a verdict is pending.


According to the the new ontology of epistemic elements suggested in the same paper,1 normative theories of all kinds have a capacity of becoming employed. This goes not only for norms of theory evaluation (i.e. methods), but any norms whatsoever, including ethical norm, aesthetic norms, etc. Thus, once this ontology becomes accepted, we will be able to speak of norm employment, as opposed to mere method employment. In that case, the concept of norm employment will need a definition. The suggested definition ensures that employment, as an epistemic stance, can be taken towards norms of all types.


Theories To Accept

Norm Employment (Barseghyan-2018).png

Questions Answered

This modification attempts to answer the following question(s):


The modification is currently being evaluated; a verdict is pending. The modification can only become accepted once modification Sciento-2018-0006 becomes accepted.

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