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Provide your comments regarding the suggested modification here. At minimum you need to indicate whether you think the modification is acceptable, why "yes" or why "no". The key question here is not whether the modification is flawless - no modification ever is. The key question is whether the modification, if accepted, will provide an overall improvement to our communal knowledge.

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Hakob Barseghyan

14 days ago
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Since I don't believe we have sufficient evidence for accepting that scientificity is a universal stance, I am not sure we need a law to explain how that stance obtains. So my position is that we should not accept this modification.

That being said, Sarwar and Fraser's work may be taken as pointing to the existence of a special mechanism for the emergence of local stances as well as the dynamics of changes in them. It raises two questions:

1. How do local stances emerge?

2. What is the mechanism of changes in such local stances?

It may be the case that each local stance will require its own type of criteria (e.g. demarcation criteria and scientificity, heresy criteria and heresy, etc.). There might even be a more universal law that explains changes in any stance as a result of satisfying the corresponding criteria. This, in my opinion, is a topic that deserves a systematic research.

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