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Provide your comments regarding the suggested modification here. At minimum you need to indicate whether you think the modification is acceptable, why "yes" or why "no". The key question here is not whether the modification is flawless - no modification ever is. The key question is whether the modification, if accepted, will provide an overall improvement to our communal knowledge.

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Hakob Barseghyan

14 days ago
Score 0
This modification assumes that scientificity is a universal epistemic stance. As I indicated in my commentary on modification 2018-0013, I don't think we have sufficient evidence to think that scientificity is a universal stance. part of the complication is that we are not offered any definition of scientificity, so it is hard to tell whether that stance obtains only for some contemporary communities or whether it is universal. Therefore, changing the definition of theory acceptance at this stage would be premature. My position is that this modification should not be accepted.

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