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This is the "Acceptance Record" template. This template is used from within all theory templates to create subobjects for all individual acceptances/rejections. The template can be in principle used by any type of entity that can be accepted. At the moment it is used by theories and topics.

It should be called in the following format:

{{Acceptance Record
|Accepted From Era=
|Accepted From Year=
|Accepted From Day=
|Accepted From Month=
|Accepted From Approximate=
|Acceptance Indicators=
|Still Accepted=
|Accepted Until Era=
|Accepted Until Year=
|Accepted Until Day=
|Accepted Until Month=
|Accepted Until Approximate=
|Rejection Indicators=

The template creates a subobject with the following properties:

  • SubObjectCategory = "Acceptance Record".
  • Theory - the full page name of the theory/topic.
  • Topic - the question the theory is trying to answer (empty for topics).
  • Parent Topic - the topic's parent topic for ease of access (empty for topics).
  • Community - the community that accepted the theory/topic.
  • Accepted From - the start of the period of acceptance; if empty, the theory/topic was accepted since the inception of the community.
  • Still Accepted - if Yes, the theory/topic is still accepted and Accepted Until fields are empty
  • Accepted Until - the end of the period of acceptance; if empty, the theory/topic is still accepted by the community.

NOTE: All date fields include all normal date parts (Year, Month, Day, etc.).

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