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This template is called from within other category templates (e.g. Author, Topic, Theory) to store the completion rate of a given textual property. The template checks whether the text has the required length and given in |requiredwordcount=. If the minimal word count is reached, then a completion rate of 100% is assigned to a property CR_{{{propertyname}}}. Otherwise, the exact rate of completion is stored in that property.

NOTE: As any "set" template, it doesn't print anything on the page, but merely sets the appropriate values.

NOTE: Because there doesn't seem to be a function to get the number of words in a string, this template works with the number of characters multiplied by 6. Six is chosen as a multiplier, since the average number of letters in an English word is 5.1; plus we have to factor in spaces between the words.


  • |propertyname= - the name of the property for which a completion rate is to be calculated.
  • |propertyvalue= - the string value of the property; this is to be passed as a parameter, since not all properties are stored and, thus, not all properties are retrievable.
  • |requiredwordcount= - the minimal number of words to qualify as 100% complete.
  • |returnvalue= - if nonempty, the calculated value is returned.