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Sinan Karamehmetoglu is a Canadian-Turkish scientonomist.


Here are all the questions formulated by Karamehmetoglu:

  • Necessary Questions: Are there questions that are necessarily part of any mosaic? Should there be a minimum number of accepted questions in an epistemic community in order for that community to experience scientific change?
  • Normative Effects of Scientonomy: What are the normative effects of scientonomy on the process of scientific change?
  • Philosophy of Science - Scientific Progress: Can scientonomy as a descriptive empirical science of science be applied to solve the problem of scientific progress/relativism?
  • Possibility of Scientonomy - Preconditions: Under which conditions do the patterns of scientific change emerge and hold?
  • Rejection of Data: When data points are rejected as inaccurate, the First Law (perhaps via the Theory Rejection Theorem) would predict that those propositions are replaced by something. What are they replaced by?


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