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Michael Ruse is is a philosopher of science who specializes in the philosophy of biology and is well known for his work on the relationship between science and religion, the creation–evolution controversy, and the demarcation problem within science. Ruse currently teaches at Florida State University. He was born in England, attending Bootham School,[1] York. He took his undergraduate degree at the University of Bristol (1962), his master's degree at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario (1964), and Ph.D. at the University of Bristol (1970)..


Here are the works of Ruse included in the bibliographic records of this encyclopedia:

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  • Ruse (2003): Ruse, Michael. (2003) Darwin and Design. Harvard University Press.
  • Ruse (Ed.) (1989): Ruse, Michael. (Ed.). (1989) What the Philosophy of Biology Is: Essays dedicated to David Hull. Springer.

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