Compatibility Corollary (Fraser-Sarwar-2018)

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An attempt to answer the question of Compatibility of Mosaic Elements which states "At any moment of time, the elements of the scientific mosaic are compatible with each other."

Compatibility Corollary (Fraser-Sarwar-2018).png

Compatibility Corollary was formulated by Patrick Fraser and Ameer Sarwar in 2018.1


Acceptance Record

This theory has never been accepted.

Suggestions To Accept

Here are all the modifications where the acceptance of this theory has been suggested:
ModificationCommunityDate SuggestedSummaryVerdictVerdict RationaleDate Assessed
Sciento-2018-0015Scientonomy28 January 2018Accept the definition definition of compatibility, as the ability of two elements to coexist in the same mosaic. Also replace the zeroth law with the compatibility corollary.Open

Question Answered

Compatibility Corollary (Fraser-Sarwar-2018) is an attempt to answer the following question: Are all elements within a mosaic compatible with one another?

See Compatibility of Mosaic Elements for more details.


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